Bottom Of The Ocean

In a dream, you appear
For a while, you were here
So I keep sleeping,
Just to keep you with me
I'll draw a map,
Connect the dots
With all the memories that I got
What I'm missing,
I'll keep reliving


"We might be apart but I hope you always know you’ll be with me wherever I go”

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"look in the camera for me, do your eyes miley, do your eyes"

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Miley Cyrus granted the wish of 29 kids from around the world to meet her. It happened in Los Angeles on April 28th, 2010 to kick off the first World Wish Day.

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Glee covers ‘Wrecking Ball’

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Artist: Miley Cyrus
Title: Stay (Acapella)
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Artist: Miley Cyrus & Britney Spears
Title: SMS
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Miley Cyrus & Britney Spears - SMS (Bangerz)

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Which of these female pop stars with ‘Ray’ in their names would you rather hang out with?”

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